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Saftey Policy

ITC is committed to achieve zero accident target in all its business activities. We will protect the environment and the health and safety of our employees and the public, Excellent HSE performances are core values of the corporation and integral part of our business to benefit employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders. We will achieve our vision by:

  • Elimination of all accidents and environmental incidents.
  • HSE considerations an integral part of our business activities.
  • Complying with all HSE laws, regulations and international standards.
  • Reducing emissions and waste, using energy and natural resources efficiently
  • Constructive and communication with our suppliers and customers on managing health, safety and environment rules.
  • HSE policy will be enabled through corporate standards/management systems and appropriate business or site policies and management plans that establish objectives and targets. Implementation will be achieved through management and organizational commitment, allocation of sufficient human and capital resources and rigorous measurement and corrective systems.
  • Construction

Core HSE values and Beliefs:

  • Risk management (Hazard control, behaviors) and pollution prevention are the focus.
  • Our goal is continuous improvement.
  • Line management is responsible and accountable for HSE.
  • Employees are involved in the HSE programs and activities at all levels of the organization
  • Working safely with regards for the environment are conditions of employment
  • HSE management and efficient production are equal.

Quality Policy

ITC committed to deliver excellent services to our stakeholders. ITC is striving for quality and continuous process improvement in all aspects of its activities. Our aim is to ensure that through established standards and measurements the level of Quality of our services exceeds our customer expectations. It Includes:

  • Satisfy the client by providing the optimal services which fully meet or exceeds the contractual requirements and expectations of the client.
  • Continuous improvement of Quality management system through trainings procedures, competence and team work.
  • Set objectives, regularly review performance, specify Key Performance Indicators and recognize excellence.
  • Line management is responsible and accountable for HSE.
  • All sub-contractors /suppliers of the company will comply with the company ISO 9001:2008 quality management systems.
  • Only preferred suppliers based on the quality, performance and pricing of their product will be used.
  • Investigate all instances of underperformance to identify the root causes and prevent recurrence.

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